Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Red Pill

It appears the "dark, dangerous, divisive" mob that Hillary warned us about is upon us.  An angry wave of leftist mob violence is sweeping the country.

And where are the leftist leaders to control their constituents? Absent.  Where is Elizabeth Warren?  Krugman? CNN?  The president or vice president?  Where is Loretta Lynch, why isn't she warning people that inciting to riot is a crime that carries a five year prison sentence?

Absent on leadership, their silence speaks volumes.  Since the Baltimore Mayor encouraged mob violence, since President Obama ignited racist violence across the nation by saying a dead boy would have looked like a son... the left has promoted mob violence as a means to justice.  It's disgraceful.

There is no excuse for terrorism, mob violence of any kind in this country, and the failure of the democratic leadership to respond speaks volumes about the culture they to promote, it's a violent one. 

Having noted that important fact, let's turn now to the substance of their alleged concerns. What should these extremists angry about?  To their complete and utter surprise, Donal Trump won.  They had been told he could not, would not win.  -- Donald isn't qualified and can't win anyways -- this was the drumbeat that CNN, the NYTimes, and HuffPo relentlessly beat, supported by their polls.

But their polls were wrong!

And they are always wrong!  Every election it's the same thing... the polls always tilt towards the left. Brexit! And every year, the news papers and networks say "the people we polled didn't tell us the truth."

It's never the polls that are wrong, it's always those liars they polled.

How does this happen every election?  The press knows their polls are always tilted.  Yet, they present their polling information as fact.  When the facts are the opposite.

What if Donald was ahead all along, meanwhile... the press was saying "she's got this one".   They were deceived by their own press.  No wonder they are angry.    It's disgraceful the press is infected by leftist extremists who are so fully disconnected from reality that they describe a world that does not exist, and instead propagate a fairy tale.  That's what we call propaganda.

Trump just gave everyone the red pill.  Welcome to the real world, mob violent extremists and handlers. 

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