Friday, December 09, 2016

Dreamers in Japan

Japan, a country that is still 98% ethically Yamato, is set to deport an illegal/undocumented 16 year old Thai boy, who was born and raised in Japan.
Although Utinan does not read or write Thai, he is able to speak the language and is young enough to adapt to life back in Thailand, the judges said.
His mother overstayed her visa.  

Yes, Children bear the pain of sins of their parents the world over.  They are also amazingly resilient. 

Could it be that  Japanese speaking Utinan will be a skilled translator in his home country?  He won't lack for livelihood.  Moreover, he has many blood relatives in Thailand, and none in Japan.  

While Neither the Japan nor the Thailand option looks ideal for Utinan, I believe he will be okay.  

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