Saturday, November 26, 2016

NYTimes on Castro

Fidel Castro murdered more than 5000 of his political opponents, and confiscated the wealth of the nation of Cuba.  Then he doled it out over sixty years to an enslaved populace.  That is the legacy of Castro.  

So how do the powers-that-be note this for posterity?  

The NYTimes and President-elect Trump statements on Castro's demise could not more starkly in contrast.  Here is Trump: 

The NYTimes headline, and lead.  

The Times portrait of Castro as "revolutionary" like Steve Jobs, is more than 8000 words long.
It's only after slugging through more than 3200 words do you find out he murdered more than 500 of his political opponents when he took power.  You can almost hear the editorial staff in the back room: "Forget about those 500 murders and the confiscation of the wealth of the nation, that's an afterthought we can bury in the article.  He's a communist, after all."  This is why the NYTimes is nothing more than the mouthpiece of the enemy.  The Times glorified a murderer, because he is a communist.

In contrast, President-Elect Trump properly notes that confiscating the wealth of a nation, enslaving its populace and 5000 murders, cannot justify a legacy.

Who do you trust?

More:  Even Obama is to the right of the NYTimes.
More:  The online version Leer en español"read in Spanish" link as well.  No surprise, as the NYT is 17% owned by Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim, one of the only men in the world more wealthy than President-elect Trump.  Moreover, when Castro was exiled to Mexico in 1954, so the ties with the Times, Mexico and the radical communist left are deep. 

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