Friday, August 01, 2008


UPDATE: below

From Ann Coulter's column this week:
Last year, the National Enquirer broke the story about New-Age divorcee Rielle Hunter, formerly Lisa Druck, telling friends she was having an affair with Edwards and that she was pregnant with his "love child." . . .

[T]he Edwards campaign denied that Edwards was the father, pawning the affair off on an apparently very loyal Edwards campaign official, Andrew Young. Like Edwards, Young was married with children, but also like Edwards, Young is a Democrat, so it was possible.

Except that, not only has Young's wife not left him, but she was perfectly copacetic with her husband's mistress moving into their gated community for the duration of her pregnancy, and even joining her, Andrew and the kids for dinner.

Back on Earth, that doesn't happen. The Edwards campaign better start looking at its backup plan of claiming Nathan Lane is the father.

Mickey Kaus explains why the MSM should be covering the story, as does Emily Bazelon:
I wouldn't want to have the job of stalking John Edwards either. But so what? If it's true, the National Enquirer story about him and Rielle Hunter is news, absolutely clearly and by any definition I can think of.
So don't mention it at liberal strongholds like the LA Times or Kos--though Kos didn't object in 2005 when one diarist slammed President Bush, citing only the Enquirer. Plus Gawker has pics, via the National Enquirer.


Maureen Dowd actually had a good line in the August 9th NY Times:
The stunning admission Edwards made to ABC’s Bob Woodruff, and in a written statement from Chapel Hill on Friday afternoon, was that he’s a narcissist.
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Anonymous said...

Spreading rumors now?

Guess Ann Coulter is the kind of person you respect. That sure says a lot about you.

bobn said...

From Coulter:
Young was married with children, but also like Edwards, Young is a Democrat, so it was possible.


there really are "two Americas." There's one where men cheat on their cancer-stricken wives and one where men do not cheat on their cancer-stricken wives.

Lets see, oh lookee here:

Newt "Gingrich married his second wife, Marianne Ginther, months after he divorced Battley in 1981. According to Battley, Gingrich discussed divorce terms with her while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery."

"Gingrich also acknowledged cheating on Ginther while leading the impeachment proceedings against President Clinton"

Oh and here the GOP guy who was Speaker after Gingrich also resigned because an affair.

This proves that GOP worship Satan and sacrifice babies. /sarcasm

Yes, it's only the nasty Dems that do these things. Tsk Tsk.

Anonymous said...

President Bill Clinton is smeared because of Monica Lewinsky while his great accomplishments are ignored and diminished by all those men jealous of his many successes, especially in politics and with women. Such hypocrisy! Pathetic! Bill Clinton deserves way more respect then he is getting.

MaxedOutMama said...

Hey, Carl. You know your link-rich format? Be careful. Google/Blogger decided my blog was a spam blog and locked it on me.

MaxedOutMama said...

As for this story - it was CLEARLY parthenogenesis. After all, Edwards was the one saying the Dems would make the blind see and the lame walk in the last election. He's just doing a demo.

bobn said...

You know, Carl, you previously linked to a post of Ann Coulter's on the 2nd Amendment, and that post of hers actually sounded like it came from a thinking human being.

This one is back to the whacked-out bat-shit stuff she says whenever a camera points her way.

The idea that the Democrats/Left have some monopoly on evil is the grandest of Right-wing delusions, especially as the financial crises, brought on by right-wing-led (though left-wing-abetted) de-regulation and non-regulation, play out.

Lots of evil bastards in DC - until the good folks stop thinking "it's just those guys in the other party", we will continue to get screwed.

Carl said...

Anony and bobn:

Chill. The most important issue here is why the MSN refuses to cover the story. I have no idea whether it's true. I also don't think adultery is limited to Democrats. But why was the un-verified story about McCain front page news, while the Edwards tale is limited to the Internet?

Carl said...


It's not just you.

Carl said...

Good analysis of the hole in MSN coverage.