Saturday, August 02, 2008

There's Something Wrong With Sitemeter

Take it off your blog.

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OBloodyHell said...

Even money says it's actually IE not implementing something in the standard way, or implementing it incorrectly, or not implementing it in the manner the documentation says it is to be implemented.

The real solution is to not use IE.

There really is no rational justification for using IE except occasionally on a site which you must access and which the lame-o coders at said site lazily implemented whatever screw-job they call programming in a manner which is incompatible with all other browsers.

By not using IE and Outlook Express (not really to be confused with Outlook, which comes with Office -- I mean OE, which comes free with the M$ OS, and is worth every stinkin' penny you paid for it, and not one penny more!), you literally make yourself around 60 to 80 percent immune to most exploits, viruses, trojans and all the other malware out there.

Yes, just by changing to either Firefox or Opera, which should be able to access about 98% of all sites, you innoculate yourself against around 2/3rds or more of the crap that can infect your system... Then just use IE on those rare occasions where you MUST access a site and you KNOW for a fact it can be trusted (it's a major business or organization, like a bank, or a university, or a governmental site).

My 25-year-experienced US$0.02