Monday, May 19, 2008

Welcome First-Timers!

POST "sticky" for the day

John Hawkins of Right Wing News generously named NOfP "Website of the Day."

Surfers note: the right sidebar lists key posts by topic, including the lawfulness of warrantless wiretapping, US compliance with the Geneva conventions, and secularism as the latest leftist religion. Recent pieces include an analysis of McCain's proposals on global warming and healthcare, the Swiss on "the dignity of plants," and whether humanitarian relief trumps sovereignty under international law. Older posts of note: the link between Phil Ochs and Spalding Gray, why poor isn't permanent and how American healthcare is better than Hillary claims.

So, look around--and I hope you'll add NOfP to your favorites.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Holy crap, Carl, you're trying to highlight your reasonableness again. Listen visitors, he's also entertaining. He just has this devotion to logic and research that make him look like those other boring people at first glance. He's fine, really, we just have to smack him once in a while.

Powerboss said...

I have combed numerous blogs for years. I have yet to find another blog that is as in depth and detail oriented as this one. I only check into 2, maybe 3 blogs a day, this is first one on my list. I've used Carls's research to aid my own personal debates with aquaintences.

Thanks for doing such a fine job Carl and clarifying what can be at times, murky and difficult issues.

Carl said...


This morning I was seriously contemplating quitting. Thanks for the boost.

Powerboss said...

Don't you DARE....

I've turned some friends and aquaintences onto your blog and all the responses have been in agreement with my assesment. The dingbats that I've debated, and pointed to your site as reference, have no response other than personal attacks. This dates back to debating the Iraq war; the justifications, etc, etc, back at on old website now run by leftists and dominated by mean spirited and ugly leftists who love free speech so much they banned their opposition, at least the ones that put up good arguments that they couldn't respond to. So typical.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Got the No-Traffic Blues?

While I hope to persuade, I mostly blog for the permanent record and the I-told-you-so's later.

And also, two of my four sons read my blog, so it gives me a chance to keep influencing -- uh, keeping in touch with them.