Tuesday, May 20, 2008

310 First Street, S.E.,1 Is Under Water

Credit Victor Davis Hanson with a succinct problem statement--it's "conservatives who aren't conservative":
There is a lot of anguish among Republicans as they look at the dismal polls and the even more depressing performance of their candidates in various preliminary House races. . .

What mystifies is the paralysis of Republicans and their impotent protestations that “Bush did it”. The truth is that Congressional Republicans, responsible for turning principles into governance, deserve to lose—unless they craft clear positions that won’t be compromised and then offer them as alternative choices to the voters this fall. . .

[T]he Republicans’ problem? They forgot who they were and can’t explain what they might be. They need to go back to basics, adopt conservative principles to confront new challenges, and then find the most effective spokesmen they can to explain their positions—hourly.
Hanson also supplies suggestions on spending, energy, the war and other issues. Read the whole thing.

1 The headquarters of the Republican National Committee.

(via Instapundit)

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