Friday, December 02, 2016

Know Your Sources: Reuters


Reuters latest article (Reunited in Death) glorifies the unification of murderers in their death.  
These violent, far left radicals seek to emulate Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.  
Then there is Venezuela's Chavez.  He the evil dictator who bankrupted his nation (into Starvation!), also glorified and emulated Castro.

Copy originally read as follows: "Guevara, who once approximated Castro's charisma and influence, also embarked on guerrilla missions in Latin America, dying in battle in Bolivia in 1967."  Later it was corrected to read "...he was captured and executed by CIA-backed Bolivian soldiers in 1967 aged 39."  It was the policy of the United States to oppose communism, banana republics and brutal dictators.   The main US intelligence agencies implemented this policy. Reuters trivializes this by saying the "CIA" opposed Guevara when it was the United States of America.  

The reference to "missions" places him in the company of the Catholic Church missions along El Camino Real.  They also enslaved the local populaces for labor.  

Buried in the article, Reuters admits Guevara was the man in charge of the Castro Death Squads, and he also ran the economy and doled out the wealth, confiscated by Castro, to an enslaved populace. These barbaric acts of violence and slavery are trivialized as being necessary for the revolution.

There are radicals like the holocaust deniers and those that trivialize it. For example, Holocaust on Ice ice dancing artists from Russia are sparking worldwide outrage, trivializing life (and death) in concentration camps.

The radicals on the left firmly have Reuters in their grip! These are the same violent leftists that promote "mob rule" as a substitute for justice.

Reuters is firmly in the grip of far left radicals.

Update:  Reuters deleted the article but these screenshots document enough to show the adulation heaped upon these murderers.  This is part of the propaganda war, Reuters initially puts out far left views (like this) and then substitutes a more moderate view.

  MORE: Newsbusters summarizes all of the Leftist Propaganda Sources  here.  They include:
NBC News
ABC News
New York Times
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Grealdo Rivera on FNC
CBS This Morning                

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