Thursday, June 09, 2016

Don’t Count Trump Out, the Fight Hasn’t even Started

A number of pundits, along with the betting odds, major newspapers, and pretty much everyone that makes a prediction, with few exceptions, say variously that Trump is an Underdog, he has zero chance and has already lost, or present demographics, electoral maps or polls, and ask, “how can Trump win?”

Fact:  In the last election, 20% of voters made up their mind less than two months before the election

For that reason, counting Trump out now is premature.

Fact:  Trump just destroyed a field of 17 tough competitors.

Trumps attack on Hillary will be more severe than those he made on the other republican candidates, as he has one opponent, not 16.  At the same time, Hillary, for her part, has never won a tough election.  She beat out a nobody to gain a senate seat, she lost to Obama after a huge head start, and she barely beat Bernie Sanders, a complete nobody from New England. 

Theory:  Hillary has never faced anyone like Trump, and neither have her advisers.

Hillary is more likely the underdog, not Trump. 

Theory:  Trump Gets His Message Out

He is so incredibly effective in getting his message out through the media, and especially the press.  The press can neither muzzle him, nor can they create a false image of him.  He creates his own image daily.  He appears to be more effective than any other presidential candidate, ever.  This has to be worth 5% in the vote. 

Theory:  There has never been an election like this one, it is different this time. 

Will this contest between Trump and Clinton be the dirtiest political fight ever, or just a spectacle not to be missed?

You Decide, but don’t count Trump out yet. He’s not a loser.


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