Sunday, October 09, 2011

Is Letterman Running Out of Fat Jokes?

Not deterred by NOfP reader Morgan's mocking, David Letterman did another Top Ten List on Chris Christie, this time about why he chose not to seek the Presidency:
10. As always, he’s following his gut. . .

4. Constitution requires every candidate be able to see their feet.
On the new list, only 7 of 10 were fat jokes.

Once again, reader Morgan came up with an example of what a Top Ten list would look like if Late Night wasn't mired in liberal bias:
The Top Ten Reasons President Obama is Tanking in the Polls.

10. Half-life of Kool Aid is two years

9. 50 of the 57 states slowly wising up

8. How many times can you kill bin Laden?

7. Jews & Janitors PAC opens K Street office

6. His teleprompter ran out of ideas 18 months ago

5. Even Portuguese water dogs think he’s a putz

4. Congressional Black Caucus starting to blame his white half

3. Takes too much time off traveling to Europe on that inter-continental railway

2. Swung so far to the left, he's on Pluto

1. Makes Jimmy Carter look good


O Bloody Hell said...

Nice list... LOLZ

Anonymous said...

Attacks on Obama don't make the do-nothing, rapacious Republicans look any better. Let's restore Democracy to the USA and remove Scalia and Thomas from the Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

I agree..Let's restore freedom and diginity to the people.. Let's all of us young people join together and vote Obama out of office!!!

Yes we can!!