Thursday, September 15, 2011


The Worldwide Wildlife Fund (WWF) UK has a new President -- Prince Charles, who said in his inaugural speech:
We are, of course, witnessing what some people call the sixth great extinction event -- the continued erosion of much of the Earth’s vital biodiversity caused by a whole host of pressures, from the rising demand for land to the corrosive effects of all kinds of pollution. This is an important point that needs to be stressed more than it is, because its ultimate impact is plainly not at all clear to most people -- without the biodiversity that is so threatened, we won't be able to survive ourselves.

The Earth is also being depleted of many of her natural resources, from top soil to fish, and if we carry on as if it's "business as usual", we will receive a dangerously diminishing return from Nature’s capital that will begin to threaten our very survival. . .

The result of our spiritual or inner disconnection is that society condones a system that depletes the very natural capital which is actually the fundamental foundation of capitalism itself. And notice how the more vigorously we pursue unlimited growth, the more success we think we have achieved! This is a very fundamental flaw which, as I say, I believe is borne out of the great distance we have put between ourselves and the natural order of things.
Just what we need: a self-important, hereditary Prince to instruct the rest of us on capitalism and "the natural order of things" -- so as to return to the stone age. Glad I'm a "republican."

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Whitehall said...

I was in the UK and nobody I talked to expected Charles to be king. Elizabeth is supposedly planning to skip over him to Henry or one of the downticket princelings.

He is a bit daff, isn't he?

A_Nonny_Mouse said...

Well, Prince, YOU GO FIRST.

Downsize your staff to -- just yourself. Drive your own damn car, wash your own damn clothes, arrange your own dame trips, clean your own damn dishes, vacuum your own damn floors --- ya see where I'm going with this, Prince?

If we the heedless masses see Mister-Important (=YOU) doing all the downsizing that you want US to do in order to save Gaia, maybe we'll take you more seriously. (OK, so it's a small "maybe".)

Until then-- Nah, not gonna play your stupid game. You dicktate (spelling intended) and we cower and obey? (Chuckle.)

suek said...

"The Earth is also being depleted of many of her natural resources..."

Guess my teachers were wrong with that old "matter can neither be created nor destroyed" line...

If it _was_ on earth, it's _still_ on earth - though it's form may be different.

And to "mouse"...

You betcha.

Warren said...


Elizabeth could give Charles the title King of Stupid.

Carl said...

Folks I talk to in the U.K. uniformly hope Charles never becomes king--but I ran into fewer that actually expect to be so lucky.

Warren said...

"Maybe There Won't Always Be an England"

Charles could end up king of nothing.

MaxedOutMama said...

Well, they don't tolerate much of his pontificating IN the UK (witness the architecture phase), so I guess he gets his jollies pontificating internationally.

There is so little real purpose to his life that one can hardly begrudge him the pleasure.

Naturally, one does not take this stuff seriously. The man has been trained all his life to look serious and semi-regal while standing around doing nothing, and the Luddite side of the environmental movement is a perfect fit for that skill set.

We should get 'em an island or something, dump a nice cross section on there to form the perfect environmental union. Then we can come back and build a monument to Darwin out of their bones.

OBloodyHell said...

>>> Elizabeth could give Charles the title King of Stupid.

Whaddya mean, "give"??

I think this speech shows he's already earned that title outright. It was clearly God's gift to him at birth.

>>> much of his pontificating...

Pontificating===="Pontiff". No, there's a presumption of wisdom there.

"Bloviating" seems far more up to his speed. In this, he and Al Gore have much to share.