Sunday, August 15, 2010


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Prince Charles is on a mission, as reported in the Daily Mail (U.K.):
The Prince of Wales says he believes he has been placed on Earth as future King 'for a purpose' -- to save the world.

Giving a fascinating insight into his view of his inherited wealth and influence, he said: 'I can only somehow imagine that I find myself being born into this position for a purpose.

'I don’t want my grandchildren or yours to come along and say to me, "Why the hell didn’t you come and do something about this? You knew what the problem was". That is what motivates me.

'I wanted to express something in the outer world that I feel inside. . . We seem to have lost that understanding of the whole of nature and the universe as a living entity.'

His impassioned comments come during a film about his belief that unbridled commerce has led to the destruction of farmland and countryside.. . .

In a trailer to the film, the prince spoke passionately about his decades-long quest for what he described in a statement as 'a sacred duty of stewardship of the natural order of things'.

He said: 'I started 22 years ago on something that nobody really wanted to know about except a few people who thought it was pretty crazy'.
Wait a minute--I thought Obama was anointed to save the world! Since when has Charles displaced the Obamessiah?

Another example of, as set forth in the Declaration of Independence, British royalty's "history of repeated injuries and usurpations." Either that or the Prince remains "pretty crazy."


Sue K. says in comments:
God save the Queen!!

(for as long as possible...)
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O Bloody Hell said...

> Either that or the Prince remains "pretty crazy."

I might be mistaken but I believe the word you're looking for is not "pretty" but "batshit"...

suek said...

God save the Queen!!

(for as long as possible...)

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Wait, and I'm a religious fanatic?