Monday, September 12, 2011


Remember this cartoon about the real-world consequences of enviro policies? In National Review, Jim Lacey writes similarly about how the "Left’s 'morally superior' policies kill millions and impoverish billions":
The Left has fought the spread of genetically modified (GM) foods with every weapon in its arsenal. Leftists did this in the name of combatting a long list of "potential risks" that never materialized. They have been permitted to overlook the fact that their assaults on GM food were not cost free. For instance, they have greatly delayed and in some places stopped cold the use of rice modified to increase vitamin A content. For the Left this is cause for celebration. In fact, widespread use of this "golden rice" would have prevented a half-million cases of child blindness a year. So the next time someone talks to you about the evils of genetically modified foods, remind him of the millions of poor children this crusade has condemned to a lifetime of blindness. How do folks prepared to allow millions to needlessly go blind still command the respect of any truly moral person?

However, even looking the other way as children go blind pales in comparison to the needless starving of millions that has occurred because anti-GM-food groups have frightened and bullied the people and governments of Africa into forbidding the use of GM seeds. Such seeds, modified to resist the effects of drought and disease, would make Africa self-sufficient in foodstuffs. But for most African farmers they remain unavailable because of the successful efforts of American and European anti-GM-food groups. Even though every American consumes GM foods on an almost daily basis, with no ill effects, they remain off limits to those most in need.

There is no reason [Somali children need] to be hungry except for the fact that some groups are working overtime to prevent his country from growing the food needed to feed him. What do you call people who are willing to let millions starve to death rather than let them grow food that scientists long ago proved safe? Why the anti-GM groups are not condemned for crimes against humanity escapes me. For that matter, as these groups have made it their life mission to starve poor Africans, Asians, and other peoples of color, how come they have never been branded as racists?
Agreed, and I suspect reader OBH will support as well.

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OBloodyHell said...

>> I suspect reader OBH will support as well.

Oh, indeed... Michael Fumento has long been a proponent of GM foods, and has highlighted the critical efforts of the evil Vandana Shiva in this regards.

As her picture shows, she's rather clearly missed no meals in her life.

I cannot grasp how these people can claim to "care" yet ignore the self-evident fact that their policies lead to many orders of magnitude more death and despair than the alternatives would EVER begin to lead to.