Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Compare & Contrast

Bloomberg News, November 27, 2007:
Global Warming Increases Malaria, Dengue Fever Threat, UN Says

Global warming will put millions more people at risk of malaria and dengue fever, according to a United Nations report that calls for an urgent review of the health dangers posed by climate change.

Increases in rainfall, temperature and humidity will favor the spread of malaria-transmitting mosquitoes over a wider range and to higher altitudes, according to the 2007-2008 Human Development Report, released today. That could put 220 million to 400 million additional people at greater risk of the disease that kills about 1 million a year, mostly in Africa.

"Ill health is one of the most powerful forces holding back the human development potential of poor households," the report said. "Climate change will intensify the problem."

The 384-page report commissioned by the UN Development Program was released a week before delegates to a UN-sponsored conference on Bali, Indonesia, will try to convince the U.S. to join a new emissions-limiting treaty that will pick up after 2012, when the Kyoto Protocol ends.
BBC News, August 26, 2011:
Mosquitoes 'disappearing' in some parts of Africa

Malaria-carrying mosquitoes are disappearing in some parts of Africa, but scientists are unsure as to why.

Figures indicate controls such as anti-mosquito bed nets are having a significant impact on the incidence of malaria in some sub-Saharan countries.

But in Malaria Journal, researchers say mosquitoes are also disappearing from areas with few controls.

They are uncertain if mosquitoes are being eradicated or whether they will return with renewed vigour.

Data from countries such as Tanzania, Eritrea, Rwanda, Kenya and Zambia all indicate that the incidence of malaria is dropping fast.
(via Global Warming Policy Foundation)


OBloodyHell said...

If these people ever gave a rat's ass about malaria, they would long since have advocated limited spraying for mosquitoes.

Their concern is only limited to the political usage of it in pushing the AGW agenda.

Screw the world's "poor peoples" -- cheap energy, after all, is the very thing that gives them the opportunity to be something other than "poor".

Carl said...

OBH: Well said!