Thursday, July 21, 2011

Self Defense Buried Down Under

As went England, so goes Australia:
A Sydney gangster armed with a World War II pistol has been shot dead in a botched Gold Coast home invasion believed to be linked to drugs.

The man, 34, was shot in the leg with a vintage Luger pistol after a struggle with the homeowner at Silvereye Circuit in Gilston in the Gold Coast Hinterland in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Sources say the 29-year-old homeowner told police he arrived home about 1.40am to be confronted by four masked men inside the house.

He told police he wrestled with one of the intruders and the gun discharged, the bullet hitting the man's femoral artery.

Bleeding profusely, he staggered outside and into the street where he dropped dead, leaving a 50m blood trail in his wake.

This afternoon, police charged the homeowner with manslaughter. He is expected to face Southport Magistrates Court tomorrow morning.
Apparently the gun belonged to one of the burglars. But in Australia, a criminals are victims and victims criminals.

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OBloodyHell said...

So surprise, this is the place where the REAL Crocodile Dundee was hounded to the brink of insanity and killed, just for wanting to be left alone

As for the UK, well, if you're a single female alone in your house with your child, you're not even allowed to SHOW someone a kitchen knife to scare them off.

The once proud people of the British Empire are no longer men (human) but mere sheep, expected to bleat helplessly when the wolves come a'prowlin'