Sunday, July 31, 2011

Obamessiah Suck-Up of the Day

Seeking a budget bill at a briefing at 10:36am Friday morning, President Obama urged supporters to speak up:
If you want to see a bipartisan compromise -- a bill that can pass both houses of Congress and that I can sign -- let your members of Congress know. Make a phone call. Send an email. Tweet. Keep the pressure on Washington, and we can get past this.
Within the hour, White House staffers pumped the twitter hashtag "#compromise". The President himself later used the same hashtag. Who thought of that?

Why the press itself -- specifically the New York Times, according to the Daily Caller:
At 10:55 a.m. the Times’s Jennifer Preston suggested that administration officials might create a hashtag, so tweeting Democrats could jointly target Republicans who are now trying to pass their own debt ceiling plan.

Preston tweeted to a White House rep, saying "@macon44 Hi there. I heard the President ask the people to tweet re: debt ceiling. Are you guys using specific hashtag?"

A minute later, she tweeted a followup to White House staffer Jesse Lee, saying, "Hi Jesse, what’s the hashtag that you guys are urging people to use in their tweets to Congress re: debtceiling." Lee is the White House’s s director of progressive media & online response.

Eight minutes later, at 11:04, the White House’s press shop announced a new hashtag for Democrats to use when targeting GOP members of Congress: "@NYT_JenPreston People responding to POTUS shld use #compromise. As he said, it is ‘time for #compromise on behalf of the American people.’"

At 11:31, The Washington Post reported out the new hashtag, and at 12:32, staffers at the White House’s Office of Management and Budget re-tweeted the same message. "RT @postpolitics: The @whitehouse new media team has said people responding to the President on Twitter should use #compromise."
Another example of press bias--where the media is the message, or invents it!

Yes, I know the Democrats actually are hyper-partisan. And, yes, Obama's twitter campaign may have backfired. Still, Iowahawk's David Burge had the best response:
#compromise You want 2 terms. I want you to have zero. Let's compromise and call it 1.
(via reader Warren)


OBloodyHell said...

> #compromise You want 2 terms. I want you to have zero. Let's compromise and call it 1.

Better still:

#compromise You want 2 terms. I want you to have zero. Let's compromise: Resign now and we'll call it "1".

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party and the Republican Party are cutting their own throats with their adamant refusal to raise taxes on the top 2% of wealthiest. Can you hear the stock market trying to tell you what it thinks of the Tea Party and Republican Party choking off the economy while offering no positive programs for employment of the huge number of unemployed? Perhaps the wealthy stockowners are suicidal, wrackedd with guilt for destroying the American middle class, trying to castrate labor and sucking the poor and aged dry of all resources necessary to sustain their lives. Who knows?