Friday, November 07, 2008

Media Bias, Part XXVIII

UPDATE: below

Hardball host Chris Matthews pleaded guilty to partisanship on MSNBC's November 6th "Morning Joe" show (about 2:27 into the video):
CHRIS MATTHEWS: Yeah, well, you know what? I want to do everything I can to make this thing work, this new presidency work, and I think that --

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Is that your job? You just talked about being a journalist!

MATTHEWS: Yeah, it is my job. My job is to help this country.

SCARBOROUGH: Your job is the make this presidency work?

MATTHEWS: To make this work successfully. This country needs a successful presidency.
This wasn't part of Matthews' job description--much less sanctioned by illusory "journalistic ethics"--before Tuesday. No, the former Jimmy Carter speechwriter only defends Democrats. (Yet progressives assault FOX News for its supposed bias.)

Never mind reviving the Fairness Doctrine: as Daniel Gallington suggests in Thursday's DC Examiner, the media might as well label their news people by political party!


Bob Combs in comments:
Folks, just like Microsoft has a monopoly on the PC market, the Dems have a monopoly on the press.


OBloodyHell said...


I want you ALL to realize that EACH DAY you wake up, no longer a resident of Amerikkka!!

Today, we are all members of
The Obama Nation!!!!

And we should ALL stand proud and recognize this fact.

And, while many former Amerikkkans have a minor speech impediment which prevents us from putting quite the ideal stress on the first syllable of that, you should STILL stand tall and say it -- and say it loud:

THIS IS AN * * * O B A M A N A T I O N * * *!!!

And if anyone is so incredibly rude as to dare -- TO DARE -- to comment on your speech impediment, you should very much get in their face and take issue with them making fun of your speech impediment!!

Because making fun of speech impediments is NOT ALLOWED in The Obama Nation !!

Say it, folks.

Say it NOW:

"I live in The Obama Nation!!!"


OBloodyHell said...

Someone once pointed out that in teh UK, there is no claim of "no bias" -- there are right wing media and left wing media, and everyone knows which is which.

It seems as though we are headed in that direction ourselves.

MaxedOutMama said...

I laughed really hard, trying to imagine Chris Matthews making a similar statement about a McCain presidency.

Yes, they do look like fools.

If Lieberman had run and won, this might not be a bad thing, because the Democrats would have to buckle down and do something instead of the ceaseless bitching and avoidance. But Lieberman is liberal with a strong streak of realism. I am not sure that the Pelosi-Reid-Obama group has much of a tie-in to reality.

Bob Combs said...

Folks, just like Microsoft has a monopoly on the PC market, the Dems have a monopoly on the press. Except, like Micro$oft, they can point to Fox and claim "no monopoly here".

By the way Bill Gates stuck us with crappy software that did not improve our productivity. Now he is retired and giving our money to people that don't deserve it. I'm voting Apple in the next computer election this coming Spring.