Monday, July 11, 2011

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From the July 18th Weekly Standard:
A Pacific Research Institute study I authored found that the costs of the two flagship federal health care programs--Medicare and Medicaid--have risen far more than the costs of all other health care in the United States. From 1970 through 2008, the costs of Medicare and Medicaid each rose one-third more, per patient, than the costs of all other health care in America--the vast majority of which is purchased privately. And that’s without counting the Medicare prescription drug program.

soure: Weekly Standard

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Anonymous said...

SINGLE-PAYER SYSTEM is what the USA needs much as the humane countries in the world have sucessfully implemented. The USA medical system causes the most bankruptcies and keeps a huge segment of the USA population unhealthy because they cannot afford medical care......especially in this sick economy. Stop big medical insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and other big business from writing legislation that favors themselves (through their lobbyists or directly.)

Let creative entrepreneurs replace dirty, unhealthy coal and oil with innovations that may displease GM and Exxon stockholders for a while to let the sick people and the sick economy recover. Make GE remove the PCBs from the Hudson River to protect the health of fish, fauna and HUMAN BEINGS. Make ExxonMobil and GE contribute their fair share to the national coffers. Remove taxpayer subsidies from big business by closing loopholes and granting subsidies to these fake capitalists who use socialism when their overpaid and overbonuses owners and managers make stupid decisions that reduce their revenues and profits, e.g., automakers failure to meet consumer demand for small, efficient autos during the 1950s and 1960s and beyond. Blaming labor does not absolve management from their own wrong decision-making.