Monday, March 08, 2010

Chart of the Day

If increasing the government's role in healthcare is supposed to cut costs, why has Medicare and Medicaid spending grown faster than private insurance premiums?

source: NOfP chart via Health and Human Services data

Yes, I know that the recession lowered the rate of health spending growth, and private health premiums dropped in part due to increased unemployment. But the fact remains that current government-funded health insurance programs are expensive and nearly bankrupt, while under-compensating hospitals (which rely on private insurers to cover the shortfall). And progressives wrongly complain of excessive private insurer profits--more than 80 industries have higher profit margins than health care plans' 3.4 percent.

With Medicare and Medicaid driving increased health spending, why do liberals lobby for larger government? Because they re-fashion facts to fit their pre-determined outcomes. And, as for government paying for health care, they think it's an entitlement.

(via Carpe Diem)

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