Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Last Colony Update

The District of Columbia fire chief is worried that the acronym for his department -- "DCFD", which also appears on the uniforms of his personnel -- didn't sufficiently highlight the emergency services his group also provides:
Chief Kenneth Ellerbe wants more consistency and to make "EMS" more prominent. So he’s chosen to follow the example of other District agencies, not to mention Kentucky Fried Chicken, Blackwater Worldwide and other corporations: He’s decided to rebrand.

Ellerbe wants the department to begin using FEMS exclusively and to simplify the seal that appears on uniforms and equipment. In late March, he issued an order that would require firefighters to wear gear marked FEMS, not DCFD.
Unsurprisingly, most of the department balked:
D.C. Firefighters Say They Are Not FEMS

[B]ureaucrats have no clue about what it means to respond to fires and shootings and fumes that might kill you. Like Marines or Navy Seals or D.C. cops, firefighters put themselves in harms way; they are woven into a chain of command and a culture where what you wear matters. Its part of the esprit de corps. After the 9/11 attacks, could you see people wearing a NYFEMS hat?

The fact is that our firefighters have adapted to their new roles. They are trained to respond to calls for medical emergencies. They show up and perform well.

Everyone knows they are firemen. They should be able to wear DCFD, if they want. They have earned that right.
Only in the District: please, don't ever let us become a state.

(via The Weekly Standard)

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OBloodyHell said...

There's some significant, worthwhile reason we need to mark them as Federal EMS?

Sounds like the District's fire chief needs a new title... something like, oh, District Unified National Combustion Emergency Supervisor. He should put that on his cap and equipment, and wear it proudly.