Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Charts of the Day

Think there's a relationship?:

source: New York Times

source: UN Food and Agriculture Organization

As even the New York Times reports:
[W]ith food prices rising sharply in recent months, many experts are calling on countries to scale back their headlong rush into green fuel development, arguing that the combination of ambitious biofuel targets and mediocre harvests of some crucial crops is contributing to high prices, hunger and political instability.

This year, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization reported that its index of food prices was the highest in its more than 20 years of existence. Prices rose 15 percent from October to January alone, potentially "throwing an additional 44 million people in low- and middle-income countries into poverty," the World Bank said.

Soaring food prices have caused riots or contributed to political turmoil in a host of poor countries in recent months, including Algeria, Egypt and Bangladesh, where palm oil, a common biofuel ingredient, provides crucial nutrition to a desperately poor populace. During the second half of 2010, the price of corn rose steeply -- 73 percent in the United States -- an increase that the United Nations World Food Program attributed in part to the greater use of American corn for bioethanol.
Told 'ya so.

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