Friday, February 11, 2011

Freedom = Slavery

Lefties like choice--except when they don't, says JammieWearingFool:
You will never hear the Democrats argue the merits of the education children will receive whenever the topic of school choice comes up. Instead they will tug at the heart strings with cataclysmic stories of homeless teachers standing in bread lines, which once again only leads one to the conclusion that that only happens if the probably union member teacher, who apparently has no other marketable skills, was not able to get a job teaching at a private institution.

As far as that state representative comments about taxpayer money going to private institutions doesn't help public education, I would just say taxpayer dollars going to public schools certainly doesn't help public education either. It has already been proven over and over again that the amount of money thrown at schools does not guarantee a better education. For the state of Georgia, the city of Atlanta spends more, almost double as a matter of fact, per pupil, and yet continually ranks down at the bottom even while their neighbors in the adjoining metro areas spend less and constantly receive national recognition for their schools and students. If you could take the Atlanta school district test scores and graduation rates out of the reporting statistics the state would probably move up about 10 positions on those list of best education lists. I am sure she will remind you it is all about the kids though. It always is

Democrats can not stand the idea of choices. Whether it is in the food you eat, activities you engage in, the type of car you drive or the health insurance you choose to have or not have, to them there is only one choice and that is to have the government dictate it to you. Sort of frees you up from all that personal responsibility thing and makes life so much easier and stress free when you can at once blame government for your failings in life and at the same time allow them to make all of your decisions for you. Well actually, you don't have to make decisions anymore.

And that folks is called liberal utopia.
Agreed--both with respect to progressives' preference for compulsion and their putting teachers unions ahead of effective education.

(via Maggie's Farm)

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John Stossel, Walter E Williams and Thomas Sowell comment on how market forces can improve education in America.