Saturday, February 05, 2011

Compare & Contrast

Item: Attorney General Eric Holder, October 19, 2009:
[T]he facts are clear . . . Disturbingly, intimate partner homicide is the leading cause of death for African-American women ages 15 to 45.
Item: The Federal Department of Health and Human Service's Center for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ("Your Online Source for Credible Health Information"), leading causes of death for African-American women ages 15-45, most recent year available (2007):

source: CDC (custom age-range query; chart from link on 15-45 age group)

Item: "Homicide" covers all murders, both those committed by intimate partners and those by friends or strangers.

Item: Christina Hoff Summers in USA Today, February 4, 2011:
Holder's patently false assertion has remained on the Justice Department website for more than a year.

How is that possible? It is possible because false claims about male domestic violence are ubiquitous and immune to refutation.
Conclusion: Remember President Obama's Inaugural Address vow to "restore science to its rightful place"? Neither do I.

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Geoffrey Britain said...

Holder's falsehood has remained on the website because that lie promotes the official meme which advances the agenda.

Postmodernism rejects the very concept of objective truth, therefore Holder's assertion is HIS truth and in the postmodernist's view, thus as valid as any other...

Once the subjective relativism of postmodernism is accepted, anything can be rationalized and justified.

Thus Dostoevsky's "If there is no God (objective truth), then everything is permitted"

Certainly Holder's false assertion qualifies under that rubric.

If hundreds of women can now justify 'selective abortion' (reducing a pregnancy with multiple fetus') say from twins to a single child... simply because twins would be inconvenient, then Holder's falsehood is simply par for the course.

People's beliefs determine their behavior, Holder's no exception.

Bob in LA said...

HIV deaths at 10%, and that is the fourth leading cause of death? How is that not in the headlines?

Warren said...

Don Surber has an interesting take on this:

Anonymous said...

HIV deaths at 10%, and that is the fourth leading cause of death? How is that not in the headlines?

Because the perps are black. Ever seen a crime report where the race of the perpetrators is omitted? Isn't that important to identifying and apprehending them? That was not a mistake.