Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hotel Lobby, Looking Up


suek said...

That's a gorgeus light fixture...but I'd bet it weighs a _ton_! It appears to be a glass dome above it...what supports it?

(I understand that in the dark, there might be a metal frame above and it just doesn't show up - but then it would be obvious and possibly ugly in daylight)

Need another photo - in daylight!

MaxedOutMama said...

That is very beautiful.

I think you need to consider your blogging style. A female reader is demanding structural details. Doesn't this indicate that you are only attracting certain - dare we say it - analytical types?

You should aim for HuffPoDom. Post LOLcat pics. Cuddlies.

Let's face it, the factual content is too high for blogging stardom.

PS: SueK, thanks. Now I don't have to admit that I am a nerd. I was thinking wires, but there's no way.

Maybe there's a structural support lower down?

Warren said...

We don't see the base of it. You assume it's a chandelier. It may be supported at the bottom.

It doesn't appear to be near the top of the hotel lobby because we can see about 16 floors of the hotel above it.

Could it be the inside of an elevator?
Or perhaps a gazebo in the center of the hotel atrium.

Carl said...

It is a chandelier, supported by guy wires invisible in this picture. And it's 23 floors, btw. Sorry, no daylight pic.

I think I'll keep this blog cat-free.

suek said...


We own a lighting store. Mostly we do commercial/industrial lightbulbs, but we also have requirements for replacement fixtures - homeowner associations that don't want to buy umpteen new fixtures just because some idiot backed into one of their street lights, or some kid used one of their association fixtures for target practice, or one of the landscapers drove over a fixture. They just want _one_. Exactly like the one that got knocked down - but they don't know when it put in or who made it.

We get a bit obsessive about fixtures as a result. You know you've been permanently affected when you're watching a TV program and someone suddenly says..."Look at that fixture there...that's an XXX!" And when you're ordering stuff, they have a lot of numbers and letters - each one means something...sometimes it's a letter designation of how they're mounted etc. and if you order the wrong mounting, you have to ship it back etc - and _we_ have to pay the shipping (both ways) because _we_ made the mistake!

So...I can't claim to be analytical - just slightly obsessed!

suek said...

>>And it's 23 floors, btw.>>

"it" the chandelier, or "it" the hotel lobby?

_Can't_ be the chandelier... but just checking.

Let's see... 23 floors...that would be about 230 ft, more or less, right? Maybe 200?

MaxedOutMama said...

Wires? Good Lord, I wonder what that thing weighs.

Carl said...

Floors = 23.

You're probably close at 3 meters/floor, but I didn't pay close attention.

Chandelier =~ 3 floors.

So, trust me, M_O_M, I didn't stand directly under it.

suek said...

Re the Ritz...

Where's the dome?? The photo tour looks like all angles - vertical or domes...

At least you seem to be well cared for...!