Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ghost in the Machine

source: conference room window


OBloodyHell said...

Tryin' ta get all ARTSY on us, arencha?

suek said...

Screens??? You've got screens in your windows??? My...the middle east is getting civilized!

OBloodyHell said...

> My...the middle east is getting civilized!

Do not be fooled by the mere trappings of window coverings, woman!

These are Muslims, and they will not be civilized in our lifetime.

suek said...

When we lived in Germany, the Germans didn't have screens. Actually, I liked it, but they also didn't have masses and masses of flies!

Those photographs of people - especially little children - with flies resting on their faces and particularly in the corners of their eyes really (dare I say it?) bug me!

Screens would be an indication of an inclination of a beginning of not simply allowing Allah to determine each and everything in their lives, and actually _doing_ what they're able to do to change things.

But "in our lifetime"...yeah - I agree!

And a "heh"...when my son was in Iraq, I sent him some of the flytraps I use in the barn. In a different form, they're called "Big Stinky", and with good cause. He said "no more"...it seems that the Iraqis on the FOB found them ideal for target practice, and especially so if someone was close enough to get splattered with the contents.

Warren said...

The left would interpret the pattern as emanating from your solar plexus chakra.

At the time, were you feeling especially self aware, ambitious or filled with empathy?

Carl said...

Hey, I'm particularly proud of this photo--especially because given it's a cell phone camera.

The "screens," by the way, weren't installed last time I was there--they are designed as sun shields (though I have no idea why they were installed in winter). It means the windows no longer can be opened.

As for "chakra," I'm so un-self aware, I'm unaware I have any.