Monday, September 06, 2010

"Whatsoever a Man Soweth, That Shall he Also Reap," Unless he Hath Passed Over his Crib

Two weeks ago, the Reverend Jesse Jackson wrote:
A key component of stable job growth is our nation's energy policy. If our country gets serious about energy savings and independence from oil, we could rebuild domestically and power the U.S. economy with American jobs.

We need an economy that creates employment that can't be shipped overseas. You certainly can't retrofit a house in the Midwest from China or India. Home-grown American labor will be installing windmills and solar panels. Of course, none of this will happen unless Congress starts encouraging clean energy that doesn't, for instance, jeopardize our coastline or our drinking water.

A green economy is not an abstract concept. It is already starting in places where leaders understand that the right solutions lead to job growth and give America an edge in a forthcoming multitrillion dollar global market. Some reports estimate that a clean energy industry can provide 3.2 million jobs. As just one example, since initiating its clean energy plan, Assembly Bill 32, California has added 500,000 green jobs.
Apparently, Rev. Jackson doesn't practice what he preaches:
Jesse Jackson's Cadillac SUV Stripped as He Promoted Green Jobs

When the Rev. Jesse Jackson led a rally for "green jobs" in Detroit, he arrived in the Motor City in a massive Cadillac SUV. But his exit from the Motor City was a lot more environmentally friendly -- thanks to some car thieves.

The robbers stole the civil rights activist's rented 2009 Escalade SUV on Monday. He was in Detroit for Saturday's Jobs, Justice and Peace Rally in downtown Detroit.

"We were traveling for Jobs, Justice and Peace and we came [outside the hotel] next morning and it was gone," Jackson told AOL News today in a phone interview. "It was obvious that it was stolen."

Police found the car later that day, stripped of its wheels but otherwise intact, WXYZ reported.
I never before favored Thomas Sowell's "Cosmic Justice", but it produced a perfect heh here. (Post title edited from Galatians 6:7.)

(via Planet Gore)


OBloodyHell said...

> You certainly can't retrofit a house in the Midwest from China or India.

Retrofit? No. Tear down and replace with a modularly designed unit which is far, far more efficient than any retrofit could be? Yeah.

Further, even the retrofit can involve large quantities of materials and supplies "made in China" -- or is the "good" (LOL) Rev. Jackson somehow unaware of the Chinese drywall problem of a couple years ago?

Carl said...

Good point, OBH. I was laughing so hard at his hypocrisy that I hadn't focused on his larger error.