Friday, May 07, 2010


Daniel Pipes explains what happened to Europe:
Europeans see themselves as "the sick man of the planet" whose pestilence causes every problem in the non-Western world . . . European remorse for the sins of imperialism, fascism, and racism has gripped the continent to the point of stifling its creativity, destroying its self-confidence, and depleting its optimism. . .

Even as colonialism fades into the past, Europeans righteously blame themselves for the plight of once-colonized peoples. Eternal innocence means infantilizing non-Westerners; Europeans flatter themselves as the only adults -- itself a form of racism. It also offers a way to preempt criticism.
(via Maggie's Farm)


OBloodyHell said...

Yeah, I once got shit in IRC chat room for referring to "japanese" as "japs", an OBVIOUS shortening of the word. It was in a passing context, there was no other added aspect of the commentary (i.e., nothing negative) and, unlike the very similar "chink", "slant", or "nip" it can be said without any racist connotation.

The crap I got for it though was ridiculous.

Considering that the Japanese word for "foreigner" (i.e., ANYONE from outside Japan -- you, me, the Queen of England) is "gaijin", which also conveniently happens to translate to "barbarian", you'll pardon me if I tell you to fold your objections to the contractive usage of "jap" until they are all sharp corners and then use them as a suppository.

The Chinese word for "foreigner" is even worse -- it translates not to the obnoxious but at least humanoid "barbarian", but instead translates to "devil". As in, "you're an evil being from another place" -- just for coming from that other place.

The idea that white people have been or done anything uniquely differently from any other people's acts or potential acts is itself a sort of perverted racism.

I refuse to apologize for the acts of my great-great-umpty-great grandparents. They lived in a different place and time, a place much more on the edge of survival and much less wealthy and safe from harm, both internal and external. They made decisions, each and every day, which were much harder and harsher than anything I'll ever come near, or at least have to hope for managing to remain clear of.

It's a major problem of civilization that it has raised an entire lifelong generation to fail to grasp how rich, fat, and sassy they all are.

Sidney said...

People frequently fail to realize just how good they have it, until after it's all gone.

Economic collapse, Iran getting nukes, nuclear terrorist attacks and a nightmarish regulatory burden...all these shall ensure that the day will come when they look back and realize how good they had it. But of course then they'll blame the rich.

OBloodyHell said...

Sidney, this may amuse you.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Confessing other people's sins feels so good.