Friday, May 07, 2010

Competing Root Causes

Two media reports on failed Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad --
  • AP story by John Christoffersen, May 4th:
    Authorities say he is cooperating and has admitted getting explosives training in his native Pakistan.

    Shahzad's behavior sometimes seemed odd to his neighbors, and he surprised a real estate broker he hardly knew with his outspokenness about President George W. Bush and the Iraq war.

    "He mentioned that he didn't like Bush policies in Iraq," said Igor Djuric, who represented Shahzad in 2004 when he was buying a home.

    Djuric said he couldn't remember the exact words Shahzad used about Bush but "something to the effect of he doesn't know what he's doing and it's the wrong thing that he's doing."

    "I don't know if he mentioned 9/11," Djuric said, "but something like that, Iraq has nothing to do with anything."
  • CNN's Jim Acosta on the American Morning program, May 4th:
    It can confirmed that his house has been foreclosed in recent years. I mean, one would have to imagine that brought a lot of pressure and a lot of heartache on that family.
Under the first narrative, every MSNBC anchor could be a threat; under the latter, watch out for New York Times business reporter Edmund Andrews.

(via NewsBusters, Instapundit, Wizbang)


OBloodyHell said...

I'd look for CNN's story to match with the libtard mantra more in the coming weeks. There's some of it there but they're still finding their way on how to sell this as a failure of America, not the fault of ISLAM. CBS found the full message and pushed it hard right away:

CBS: Faisal Shahzad's motives "unclear" -- cites failure to achieve the “American dream” may have been an important motive for his terrorist act

Botched bomber Faisal Shahzad's failure to achieve the “American dream” may have been an important motive for his terrorist act, CBS's Bob Orr contended Wednesday night in a story in which he declared: “Shahzad's motive also remains unclear.” After noting how Shahzad “told interrogators he's upset with U.S. policies which he feels unfairly target Muslims and he's angry over Predator strikes that have killed both terror leaders and civilians in his native Pakistan,” Orr proposed: "Investigators say a quest for revenge seems to have played some role, but personal financial pressures may also have pushed Shahzad to act. He became a U.S. citizen just a year ago, but he has not realized any American dream. He quit his job, lost his house, and was separated from his family."

Marc said...

Rachel Maddow has been doing commentary and reporting on Faisal Shahzad. Wow, how brave of her to attack the media on this story.

It would be nice if she approached other stories, say the new AZ immigration bill, with the same integrity and zeal.


Rachel Maddow criticized the media Thursday night for its misreporting on the Times Square attempted bombing suspect Faisal Shahzad.

"The reporting...continues to spin rather madly with very little mooring in fact," Maddow said. "If you're keeping track, like we are, of the things that were represented as facts in this case that didn't turn out to be facts, you'll notice that that list...has gotten pretty long."

Maddow cited several examples of misreporting about the bombing attempt and about Shahzad, including where he's from in Pakistan, which organizations he trained with, if any, and what his motives may have been.

"The lack of skepticism and lack of reputable sourcing in the news coverage of the failed Times Square bombing has become one of the most interesting, and certainly the most well-documented trends to watch as this story develops," Maddow said.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

"...that brought a lot of pressure and a lot of heartache on that family."

Having relatives blown up can put a lot of pressure and a lot of heartache on a family, too. Or does CNN not count our families?