Friday, January 22, 2010

Leftist Media Bias of the Day

ABC News reporter Bill Blakemore in June 2006:
The study reconfirms what scientists have been warning about: man-made global warming is real and underway. Americans can see effects right now out the kitchen window: five inches of rain in five hours in Toledo, Thursday. Downpours so sudden and massive. . .

This on top of the great downpours causing havoc in Houston this week and in the Northeast the spring. All fit exactly the weather patterns predicted for years by scientists warning us about effects of global warming. More frequent extreme weather they said, including heavier downpours. And all for one simple reason: the warmer the air, the more evaporated water it can hold. So winds pick up more moister from the hotter gulf and oceans as they sweep toward land and then dump it out in far heavier downpours. They'll be more frequent now say scientists as global warming heats the air.
ABC News reporter Bill Blakemore in January 2010:
No, the cold snap in some parts of the northern hemisphere (New York, Florida, Beijing, Northern India, Europe) does not mean that manmade global warming is not happening, or even that it's happening just a little less. . .

Bottom line -- fast and simple? . . . Weather is not climate. . .

Weather is short-term and local -- say, the next five or 10 days in the Tri-State Area.

Climate is long-term and regional (or bigger) -- say, the average over the next 20 years in the American Northeast.
Also compare the Guardian in June 2007 with the Guardian in January 2010.

Simply put, as American Spectator's Paul Chesser says, "Weather is Not Climate, Except When It Is."

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OBloodyHell said...

> Simply put, as American Spectator's Paul Chesser says, "Weather is Not Climate, Except When It Is."

True, but didn't L. Frank Baum define the media's attitude soooooo much better?

You know:

"Pay NO attention to that man behind the curtain!"