Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fooling Liberals All Of the Time

What explains the left's half-century love affair with Cuba? A combination of idiocy, gullibility and anti-Americanism. For forgetful progressives, some reminders: Conclusion: Supporting the current Cuban regime requires shutting ones eyes. As Alberto de la Cruz says:
Twisting in the wind is an all too familiar feeling for millions of Cubans both on the island and in exile throughout the world. For more than half a century a lawless and murderous regime has raped and plundered the island nation, killing innocent Cubans by the tens of thousands. All the while, a disinterested and apathetic world sits idly by, turning their eyes away from the helplessly twisting victims that hang from their necks, their mouths gagged and their hands and feet bound. . .

So that leaves only despots and hypocrites dancing around the tree to the sweet song of rapprochement and dialogue. The hypocrites will always allow the despots to lead and they take extra care not to clumsily step on their feet. Meanwhile, Cubans continue to hang from that proverbial tree, twisting in the gentle wind of apathy.
That's because lefties prefer empty protests to preemptive action and blaming the West for all the world's woes. Remember my rule:
The number of human rights violations in a country is inversely proportionate to the number of human rights complaints about that country.
I'll wager most complaints naming Cuba are aimed at the American terrorist detention facility at Guantanamo Bay. Meanwhile, not even the elevation of the Obamessiah has moderated the despotic Cuban regime or the suffering of the Cuban people.

(via Babalu Blog, NewsBusters, Carpe Diem, TaxingTennessee)


Gringo said...

Renaissance and Decay provides a good antidote to the Fidelistas. Here is another one. Life expectancy in Cuba is currently about 5 years above that for Latin America and the Caribbean. Ask some Fidelista/PSF if that indicates that is an indication that Fidel is doing a good job for Cuba, and justifies his being in power. Then ask if life expectency in Cuba were 8 years greater than Latin America if that would be even stronger indication that Fidel were doing a good job for Cuba , and justifies his being in power. Than mention that life expectancy in Cuba was about 8 years greater than Latin America and the Caribbean the last year that Batista was in power.

World Bank ( 8 year figure is 1960, but is good enough)

The mother and father of childhood friends went to school w C Wright Mills, the author of Listen Yankee. I read their copy. Only when I did library research years later did I realize what BS the book was.

Gringo said...

I love the Unitarians getting blocked from Cuba. Reminds me of Kerry being blocked from his friendship tour of Iran.

Sorry guys, while you want to be friends w tyrants, they don't want to be friends w you.

OBloodyHell said...

> Sorry guys, while you want to be friends w tyrants, they don't want to be friends w you.

They ARE happy, however, to be friends with your money.

That was the problem in both cases, no doubt. Both Kerry and the Unitarians did not offer enough money to justify giving them a chance for a photo-op.