Friday, December 11, 2009

Tolerance Update

Last month, I quoted Assistant Village Idiot on the routinely-overlooked intolerance of the secular left. AVI, alas, is blogging no more, but I hope he read the advice a lawyer sought from "ethicist" Randy Cohen in Sunday's New York Times:
While interviewing law students for jobs as paid summer interns and full-time associates for my firm, I noticed several had résumés listing their activities in the Federalist Society. Some of my partners have conservative views similar to those of the society, but I do not. These students’ politics would not affect their professional function, but my review is meant to consider their judgment and personality (though I don’t need to give reasons for the assessments given). May I recommend not hiring someone solely because of his or her politics? NAME WITHHELD, GREENWICH, CONN.
Though Cohen advised "abandon[ing] your mini-McCarthyism and cease denying employment to those you deem politically misguided," the lawyer nonetheless "recommended rejecting each member of the Federalist Society."

Don't even feign surprise.

(via TaxProf Blog)

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