Friday, July 03, 2009

"Oceana Was Always At War With Eurasia" of the Day

Victor Davis Hanson July 2nd on The Corner:
[T]he administration now is at odds with the sort of ideology and attitudes Obama himself espoused on the campaign trail.

They call for patience and for confidence in Iraq -- and not, in prior Obama-like fashion, dismiss our chances while demanding a strict and rather rapid timetable to get out.

They ask for understanding about renditions, tribunals, Guantanamo, intercepts, wiretaps, and Predator missile attacks as complex issues -- and not, in prior Obama-like fashion, dismiss these necessary tools as Constitution-shredding authoritarianism.

They ask for patience on jobs -- and not, in prior Obama-like fashion, pontificate about a "jobless recovery" when jobs and growth were far better.

They reassure us that missile defense is insurance against North Korean lunacy -- and not, in prior Obama-like fashion, dismiss such investment as needless militaristic provocation.

They ask for latitude about the definition of what is a tax, what defines unemployment, and how we calibrate deficits -- and not, in prior Obama-like fashion, blast obfuscation while promising "transparency."

They reassure that their planted questions, the favoritism shown some journalists, the refusal to release White House visit logs, and the arbitrary firing of inconvenient auditors are nothing new -- and not, in prior Obama-like fashion, charge government intimidation and suppression of thought.

They ignore corruption in the Democratic-controlled Congress, cater to lobbyists, are not bothered by the tax improprieties of their major cabinet appointments -- and do not, in prior Obama-like fashion, demand an end to executive malfeasance.
See also David Brooks in the June 30th New York Times on "Vince Lombardi Politics."

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OBloodyHell said...

> "Vince Lombardi Politics."

I believe Obama is more of a "Boss Tweed Politics" kinda guy.

That or a "Alfonse Capone Politics" kinda guy.

Not certain which, probably an amalgam of the most excreble of both.