Saturday, July 04, 2009

Iran In a Nutshell

From long-time Iran observer Michael Ledeen about "Refusing to See Evil Clearly" on The Corner June 29th:
For those who wish to think clearly about Iran, there are two fundamental facts:
* the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran have been at war with us ever since the overthrow of the shah in early 1979;

* the savagery they have unleashed on the people of Iran is precisely what they want to do to us.
The Iranian leaders and their terror instruments, from Hezbollah to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, have been killing Americans for 30 years, from the Marine barracks in Beirut in the 1980s to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan at the moment, where Iranian Revolutionary Guards forces are operating against Coalition forces. Both the history and the contemporary facts are abundantly documented.

The mullahs’ war is unrelentingly and barbarically waged. When they organize demonstrations of hatred against the United States, and lead chants of "death to America," they mean exactly that. It is not a slogan playing to a domestic audience (we have seen in recent days that the regime is enormously unpopular), but a statement of intent. They aim to kill us, humiliate us, and eventually dominate us. Just listen to President Ahmadinejad’s words to President Obama last Saturday:
You should know that if you continue [to criticize the repression] the response of the Iranian nation will be strong. . . . The response of the Iranian nation will be crushing. The response will cause remorse.
Such language is of a piece with stories alleging that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has ordered an all-out attack on American, British, French, and German targets wherever possible.

Meanwhile, the same forces deployed against us and our allies have taken to the streets to attack freedom-seeking Iranians. The same Revolutionary Guards who operate in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the usual foreign thugs and proxies (Der Spiegel reported five-thousand Hezbollah "fighters" had been sent into the streets of Tehran, and there are many other stories of sadistic Arabic speakers all over the country) have been beating, axing, shooting, stabbing, gassing, and clubbing unarmed peaceful protesters. As of late last week, Evin Prison in Tehran, long the regime’s Bastille, had run out of space for arrested citizens.

The brutality in Iran today foreshadows what the mullahs intend for us. It is what the world will look like if they prevail. Iran’s Middle East neighbors know this, and dread it (with the exception of Syria, which is playing Mussolini’s Italy to Khamenei’s Nazi Germany). Yet every American president from Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama has convinced himself that we can reach a workable, long-term modus vivendi with the Islamic Republic. They refused to see the mullahs’ Iran for what it is: a ruthless and determined enemy, at war with the United States.
Agreed--and trusting in no-preconditions negotiations remains naive, as the Orlando Sentinel's Dana Summers depicted regarding a different dictator:

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Wyman said...

Nay, nay. If they were to sit at a table with a smart negotiator like Obama, he would convince them that their old ways of the past were fruitless. It just hasn't been tried.

Because they don't depend on him for patronage jobs or money under the table, he doesn't have the leverage a Chicago politician usually has. Therefore when he looks stern and wiggles his ears (can you spot the reference?), they don't bow and scrape as he expects.