Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Miracle on Pennsylvania Ave.

UPDATE: below

On Tuesday, President Obama announced his new plan for vehicle emission limits in a Rose Garden presentation. Obama's remarks opened with this:
Thank you very much. Thank you. Please, everybody have a seat -- have a seat. What an extraordinary day. The sun is out because good things are happening.
Got that? The Obamessiah is so awesome that proposed policy initiatives have the power retroactively to banish the rain and brighten our Bush-clouded lives.

BTW, the proposed 35.5 mpg-by-2016 standard is irrational, more expensive than the already-outrageous $1,300 per car the President admits, and potentially deadly. Plus, did everyone forget that increased mileage mandates helped tank American automakers? Never fear: Obama now supports essentially buying General Motors. Problem solved!

Further, remember last week's brief optimism that the EPA would refrain from regulating CO2 as a pollutant? Don't count on it--the EPA is so fixated on greenhouse gases that "some agency advisors . . . fear efforts to reduce criteria pollutants and air toxics are getting sidelined." Worse yet, in his Rose Garden remarks, President Obama himself plugged his proposal as the first aimed at "decreasing greenhouse gas pollution"--as if CO2 emissions themselves were toxic. Even if true, can't the Obamessiah change it merely by announcing that hope is on the way?


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(via The Corner, Don Surber)

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OBloodyHell said...

> Obama now supports essentially buying General Motors.

I wait with baited breath the day when we have to buy a GM car instead of a Honda, period.