Saturday, April 25, 2009

One Greenie Gets "The Facts On the Table"

Defending windmills from complaints of bird watchers, the CEO of Vestas is quoted in last week's Washington Post voluntarily demonstrating he's an idiot:
Ditlev Engel, president and chief executive of the Danish wind-energy company Vestas, said anecdotal evidence about birds being caught in turbine blades and other environmental horror stories do not usually hold up under scrutiny.

"Do people think it's better all those birds are breathing CO2? I'm not a scientist, but I doubt it," said Engel, whose company is expanding its U.S. manufacturing and distribution operations. "Let's get the facts on the table and not the feelings. The fact is, these are not issues."
Engel apparently thinks the danger of greenhouse gases is that they're toxic, a view I had thought confined to the EPA.

(via Planet Gore)


Anonymous said...

Maybe by "breathing" he meant "exhaling"? So that the windmill's effectiveness in reducing CO2 is enhanced with each bird it kills?


OBloodyHell said...

> I'm not a scientist, but I doubt it,

Gosh, if he hadn't said it, I would never have guessed...