Sunday, May 03, 2009

Another Reason to Love New Zealand

A few months ago I noted that New Zealand is the new home of capitalism. I said I was going to check out their immigration policies. I checked them out, and they have a need for people like me! Also pig farmers.

Now there is another reason to love Kiwi's:

Nurse told she's too fat to move to New Zealand

In 2007, a British man who moved to New Zealand was told his wife was too overweight to join him. The certifying doctor recorded "morbid obesity in otherwise well lady". Treatment of potential metabolic problems could cost the New Zealand government 25,000 NZ dollars, it was estimated.

The advantage as an island nation is they have a chance at enforcing immigration policies.

The government will not grant any permanent New Zealand visa application to any person that they feel would cost a long-term strain on the health system.

I absolutely support the Kiwi right to accept or reject immigrants on the basis of health. It is a great reason to love NZ.

<--- Welcome to New Zealand!

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