Monday, March 16, 2009

New Zealand -- They Speak English There...

New Zealand is the new home of capitalism...

"We don't tell New Zealanders we can stop the global recession, because we can't," says Prime Minister John Key, "What we do tell them is we can use this time to transform the economy to make us stronger so that when the world starts growing again we can be running faster than other countries we compete with."

Checking their Immigration Policy right after I post this.
(via Carpe Diem)


OBloodyHell said...

> Checking their Immigration Policy right after I post this.

They've at least been talking the good talk in some ways. They consistently get good rankings on the "Economic Freedom" end of things.

To counter that, they're still buying into the Green crap, though (the Greenpeace ship that was sunk by the French because it was attempting to interfere with French nuclear testing in French Polynesia was based out of there).

They also don't believe in gun ownership, either.

The problem is you get whipsawed wherever you go. NO ONE actually supports the holistic concept of liberty and freedom any more.

Everyone wants a piece of it, no one grasps that it's not a halfway thing.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

They depend on Australia to defend them militarily (see also Canada/US; Ireland/UK), so they save a few bucks there.

Bob in Los Angeles said...

I checked it out -- and they have a need for people like me. Also pig farmers.

I'm going to visit! Who's going with me?

More: Read the wikipedia entry -- very informative.