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Campus Activists -- Why are they Nearly Always Leftists?

3/21/2009 Update Below

So David Horowitz, who is a former socialist, but now conservative, visits The University of Texas as an invited speaker and is greeted with 60 ranting activists shouting him down -- inside the room where he is to speak. It is only after a representative of the administration makes three formal warnings that precede arrest that the 60 calm down enough for the presentation to begin.

Writing about this -- Horowitz says: "I don't know of a single leftist speaker among the thousands who visit campuses every term who has been obstructed or attacked by conservative students, who are too decent and too tolerant to do that."

Well, it doesn't help David that the principle subject of his research is campus leftist bias, as the author of "One-Party Classroom: How Radical Professors at America's Top Colleges Are Indoctrinating Students and Undermining Our Democracy" no sir, he's just not going to get top billing at universities, the activists will.

Leading the activists at that event was one Dana Cloud who writes a radical blog called "Dangerous and Loud." While Horowitz laments the paucity of polite leftists -- and conservatives -- on campus, he points his pen squarely at Dana Cloud, who retorts:

In response, I will make three arguments. First, his account and his demagoguery in general is full of lies, distortions, and exaggerations. Second, protest, even disruptive protest, is not censorship, nor is it violence. Finally, David Horowitz does not deserve a fair hearing and should be confronted loudly and often wherever he goes.
I'm not making this up -- she says, essentially, 'liar liar, pants on fire' ah... 'I know you are but what am I' and 'David Horowitz does not deserve his right to freedom of speech.' Wow you had me at 'three arguments'.

Another self-styled victim/feminist/power-hungry-bitch just face planted, go read the whole thing. The comments are a riot.

21 April 2009

Apparently, in the Leftarian University Universe, disruptive protest allowable (if the subject deserves it anyway) but peaceful interviewing is an arrestable offense (if the subject deserves it).

Unedited footage of former conservative radio talk-show host John Ziegler being ordered to stop conducting interviews outside a hall at USC where CBS's Katie Couric was being honored last week -- then being handcuffed by university guards and hauled away when he refused -- was being posted on numerous conservative websites over the weekend. A campaign was quickly mounted on Couric's Twitter page demanding that she speak out against Ziegler's treatment. (During a discussion at the USC affair, Couric remarked: "I Twitter and blog very selectively ... I don't think anybody gives a rats ass whether I am about to eat a tuna sandwich. I don't even care.") While he was being handcuffed, Ziegler repeatedly mentioned the irony of being mistreated as a journalist outside an affair dedicated to excellence in journalism and laughed throughout the experience.

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