Saturday, March 07, 2009

Consequences of Naivete

This is telling:
Iran's leader said on Wednesday that President Barack Obama is pursuing the same "wrong path" as his predecessor George W. Bush in supporting Israel and described the Jewish state as a "cancerous tumor."

The comments by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei are likely to frustrate the new U.S. administration which has been seeking to engage Iran but has called on Tehran to "unclench its fist."

"Even the new president of America, who has come to power with slogans about changing Bush's policies, is defending state terrorism by talking about unconditional commitment to Israel's security," Reuters reported Khamenei said at a conference on the Palestinian issue in Tehran.

"Another big mistake is to say that the only way to save the Palestinian nation is by negotiations," Khamenei said.

"Negotiations with whom? With an occupying and bullying regime, who does not believe in any other principle other than force? ... Or negotiations with America and Britain who committed the biggest sin in creating and supporting this cancerous tumor . . . ?" he added.

"The way to salvation [for Palestinians] is standing firm and resisting," the supreme leader said.

Khamenei also said the Holocaust was used to "usurp" Palestinian land and said the West and Israel showed the weakness of their cause by not allowing anyone to question the Holocaust.
Two questions:
  1. Why do Democrats still favor condition-less negotiations with Iran; and

  2. Why does the West still believe radical Islam will support a two-state solution in the Middle-East?
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Anonymous said...

Perhaps we can lead the world by stopping the tax subsidies given to religions. Islam is teaching the destruction of the USA right in Fairfax, Virginia, and the USA is subsidizing that. Let religious people subsidize their own beliefs.