Friday, January 09, 2009


National Review's Cliff May:
A thought experiment: Imagine that Hamas announces it will immediately cease and desist from firing missiles into Israel, that there will be no more such attacks in the future, and that it will release Gilad Shalit, the Israel soldier kidnapped two and a half years ago and held incommunicado ever since -- with not even the Red Cross allowed to see him. What would happen then?

Moderate Israelis would pressure their government to make a reciprocal gesture: to stop the air attacks on Hamas’s command and control centers, release Palestinian terrorists from Israeli jails and get serious peace talks underway.

But anyone who knows anything about Hamas also knows that such a scenario is implausible. Hamas was created to fight and win holy wars -- not to seek peace and sing kumbaya with infidels. Hamas wants a Palestinian state in place of Israel -- not next door to Israel. And for Hamas, preventing Palestinian carnage is not a priority.
No amount of wishing that Hamas would stop rocket and mortar attacks on Israeli civilians will make it so: Hamas' charter aims for Israel's obliteration, and Gaza rocket and mortar attacks on Israeli civilians increased even under the former "cease-fire".

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Anonymous said...

It is time for all the world's agnostics, atheists and nonIslamic religions to join together to stop the murderous intent and actions of Islamic terrorists who were created through early childhood brainwashing of Islamic people in the Koran which calls for these dastardly deeds of destruction of all nonIslamic people. Their behavior throughout the world demonstrates their clear destructive intent. There is no ambiguity here. Koran brainwashed Islamic people intend to and take action destroying all free-thinking, free-believing people who choose anything other than Islam. We must stop this outrage against humanity and freedom NOW.