Thursday, January 08, 2009


Rand Simberg:
What are the Israeli intentions? To live in peace, without a threat to their lives and nation, and to minimize casualties, on both sides, in any war waged against them.

What are Hamas’ intentions? Their intentions (and not secret ones, but stated openly and proudly, as Ron Rosenbaum points out) are the most evil imaginable (other than the extinction of the human race itself). Their explicit goal is the extinction of all Jews in creation. They are prevented from achieving this goal only by their lack of military weapons with which to do so. If their capabilities matched their intentions, Israel would be no more, as would Jewry (and other infidels, eventually) everywhere.

But somehow, their vile intentions, which should be condemned, by the traditional values of these "liberals," become irrelevant to the discussion. No matter that their intentions (to create as many casualties on both sides as possible) are often partially achieved -- they are completely ignored. The focus is not on intentions at all, of either party, but only on outcomes. And since, by Hamas’ design, the vast number of casualties occur in Gaza, by Israeli weapons, and despite the life and treasure they expend to minimize them, the Israelis are viewed as the problem, and their intentions be damned.
Similarly is Sigmund, Carl and Alfred:
Western and Arab media routinely provide images of long lines of thousands upon thousands of volunteers willing to kill Israelis and Jews at a moments notice. Whenever terrorists attack innocents, England, France, Denmark, Sweden, Israel or Spain, they are hailed and celebrated as brave fighters in Arab and Muslim capitals all over the world.

The minute those same ‘fighters’ are killed or prevented from their carrying out their beast-like behavior, they become innocent ‘victims’ of evil ‘oppressors’, as if preventing terror is an act of evil. Those who choose to rain evil down on others become offended- and weak- when those whom they attack defend themselves and fight back.

Well, you can’t have it both ways. You are martyr or you are a victim. You can’t say you will happily kill for God but you are not willing to die for God.
See also Mark Steyn:
After all, when French President Sarkozy and other European critics bemoan Israel's "disproportionate" response, what really are they saying? That they expect better from the despised Jews than from Hamas. That they regard Israel as a Western society bound by civilized norms, whereas any old barbarism issuing forth from Gaza is to be excused on grounds of "desperation."
And Jeffrey Goldberg's related point: "The World's Pornographic Interest in Jewish Moral Failure."

Agreed--the terror apologists recycle only "zombie arguments."

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