Sunday, January 04, 2009

Now I've Seen Everything

Researchers at the University of Birmingham think increased CO2 concentration--which greenies say causes global warming--actually results in global cooling. Evidence, evidence, does anyone care about facts?

Climate change--is there anything it can't do?

(via MaxedOutMama, who says "Whatever happens to the climate, it's CO2's fault. And it will be a disaster. These people have no shame.")


OBloodyHell said...

> Climate change--is there anything it can't do?

Make an honest man out of James Hansen??

MaxedOutMama said...

Hansen wasn't the one who came up with this doozy. When the grants are handed out on the basis of CO2-damage-correlation, you can be sure that eventually everything will be correlated to CO2, and everything will be harmful.

It's all about money - really.

OBloodyHell said...

> Hansen wasn't the one who came up with this doozy.

No, but he's quite capable of getting a vague grasp of the evidence, which I'll grant may not be true of Gore. Of the two loudest proponents, then, he's the one who is undoubtedly a lying charlatan working solely towards his own benefit.

I think that describes Gore, but I'll grant that he may be much more self-deluded than Hansen, thus less overtly evil.

Hansen, historically (though no longer) a scientist, is clearly capable of grasping the flaws in his claims, and is actively, knowingly perverting the underlying data solely to advance his own position and well-being. His first obligation is to The Truth, and it's clear he has abandoned that obligation utterly.

Gore is a friggin' politician. I don't *EXPECT* him to have any devotion to The Truth. He's potentially betraying his mandate to do right for those he represents (even though unelected, he claims a position as a spokesman which places him as a representative), but it's not utterly inconceivable that he hasn't managed to rationalize things.

Carl said...

Has there ever been a science where science mattered less than "climate science"?