Thursday, December 18, 2008

What Can We Expect?

UPDATE: below

What will the incoming Administration do about climate change? The best evidence to date is Obama's selection of physicist Steven Chu, Nobel Prize winner and current Director of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, as Energy Secretary. Where does Chu stand?I'm not saying Chu isn't qualified--he is. And he's got good ideas on energy efficiency. But Chu's a warming "true believer"--despite being dead wrong, given drops in temperatures, doubt about sea levels and calming data on tropical storms. Thus, I worry about any analogy to "total war."

Worse, fellow travelers like Daniel Weiss, at the Center for American Progress Action Fund, already are predicting that Chu "will bring a scientific rigor to President-elect Obama's clean energy and global warming agenda. Following on the heels of the anti-science Bush administration, its like going to Mensa after spending eight years in the flat earth society."

Yeah, that's the ticket: warming skeptics simply are dumb. So much for rigor. Let's hope the physicist is smarter than his fans.


Who needs science when propaganda will suffice?


OBloodyHell said...

> Let's hope the physicist is smarter than his fans.

What's really scary is that we have to depend on Congress to keep this idiocy under control.

Let me know when you stop screaming in terror....

Carl said...


Remember that, a decade ago, the Senate voted 95-0 against considering the Kyoto treaty. So I still have some hope that logic, economics and reason remain alive in the Capitol.