Thursday, December 18, 2008

Update on Prop. 8 Opponents

From the December 29th National Review on dead tree (subscription only):
The actor Robert Redford has supported left-wing causes for decades, and his Sundance Film Festival is a stalwart supporter of independent films, many with gay themes. Nonetheless, homosexual activists are calling for a boycott of Sundance. Why? Because it's in Utah, where a lot of Mormons live, and Mormons are the source of all evil. Not only did they support California's Proposition 8, . . . but, according to the gay-Left blogger John Aravosis, "they quite literally steal your soul at death and force you to convert to their religion." That's why "if you go to Utah, you're funding hate." Now, boycotting an entire state because some of its residents have the wrong views is narrow-minded enough--but if that's your modus operandi, why not boycott the state that actually voted down gay marriage, namely California?


virtualredhead said...

I don't feel one drop of sympathy for whiner-in-chief Margie. I guess gay Californians aren't good enough to marry, but the sure as hell ARE good enough to spend their dollars at Miss Margie's restaurant. Convenient.

Michael Yourshaw said...

When are you conservatives going to become principled on this issue? It's government control of marriage, usurping a traditional role of churches, that forms the basis of the gay marriage issue. If the state were to privatize marriage, the equal protection argument would go away. Gays could marry or not depending on the rules of their freely chosen religion.