Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Seasonal Insanity

From the Dec. 12th Daily Mail (U.K.):
A school choir was forced to withdraw from a Christmas event because organisers branded its carols 'too religious'.

Around 60 children aged between seven and 11 had spent six weeks practising favourites including Once In Royal David's City and Silent Night for the Corringham Winter Festival.

But they were let down at the last minute when their headteacher was informed their programme did not 'dovetail' with the festival's theme.
(via The Corner)


Anonymous said...


Assistant Village Idiot said...

In today's treatment team, the Unitarian and the agnostic worked hard to make sure they didn't have late meetings the afternoon of Dec. 24. It just seemed so inappropriate to them to have meetings Christmas Eve. I just wonder why.

Carl said...


They only favor "freedom from religion" if it doesn't benefit them personally.


Whatever; but the Constitution does not enshrine that right.

MaxedOutMama said...

It sure would be awful if Christmas carols mentioned Christmas, now wouldn't it?

Back in the Dark Ages when I attended elementary school, we had a Hanukkah celebration in the classroom because we had a Jewish kid. Would the menorah now be prohibited?

Carl said...


I gather the approach in our day--neutrality--has been rejected in favor of obscuring all religion.

OBloodyHell said...

> I gather the approach in our day--neutrality--has been rejected in favor of obscuring all religion.

Oh, no, carl. We will certainly celebrate Kwanzaa. And whatever Islam, Buddhism, and Confucious celebrate.

It's only Xtianity and its co-hort, Judaism, which are persona non-grata.

Anonymous said...

You show more respect for the work of dead people then you do for the work of living people. I wonder why.

If you check in with your own headheartsoulspiritbody instead of looking into the writings of dead people, you may find better answers for our contemporary lives then you find in those works that seek to control the lives of OTHER people.

I can tell by all of your expressions that you have the positive nature to make good choices in any situation and that you do that. As a contemporary of yours, I thank you for all of the positive decisions you are making.
Positive cause/positive effect. Right on, Carl and all others on this thread. We are wonderful and powerful people and we are having powerfully positive impacts on our world.

Anonymous said...

Let's all go secular and save the world from millions of murdered people this year as a result of dissolving all religions and living according to our own good spirits and positive inclinations. IGNORE DEAD AUTHORITY FIGURES! Consider the consequences of obeying the dead......too many dead and suffering. Recycle the paper bibles are printed on.