Friday, December 05, 2008

Decline in Demonizing

UPDATE: below

Despite the recent flare-up, Bush derangement syndrome is approaching its sell-by date of January 20th. Don't believe me? Well, would you trust Fareed Zakaria, the man behind the Daily Kos:
  • "With massive and stunningly valuable oil reserves, and unguarded and unprotected Iraq would present enticing targets for any number of Iraq's neighbors. Saudi Arabia or Iran could covet the oil fields in the south, while Turkey could seek to seize the oil fields in the north." -- Daily Kos, November 27th

  • "My sense is that for the last several years, the core of Al Qaeda--Osama Bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri--has been very weak. This seems more like a Kashmiri, Lashkar kind of thing. They have the organization, they have the recruits, they have a cause they care about. The thing about Al Qaeda is that they've been quite unsuccessful in their core areas--attacking American soldiers and American targets in Afghanistan and Pakistan, attacking the U.S. embassies." -- Fareed Zakaria on Newsweek's website, November 26th
As Don Surber says:
[T]he Left has had to start telling the truth about the Bush Doctrine.

It worked.

And much of it will become the Obama Doctrine because Barack Obama is nobody’s fool.

Headline on the LA Times blog:
With only 46 days left, Americans start re-liking George W. Bush

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