Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Palin Deranged

Neo-neocon on the Palin-hating progressives:
Today’s hatred of Palin is driven at least partly by a host of elements connected to class, despite our protestations that we’re a relatively classless society. This particular class consciousness, which disregards Palin’s formidable accomplishments as governor as though they had not occurred, isn’t necessarily about money or family origins. The source of this special contempt seems related to what is known as style, and to a lesser extent to education.

Palin has a college degree, but to her detractors it’s significant that it’s from a non-elite school (of course, attending an elite school didn’t save the hated Bush, who was hated partly because he came from a patrician family but didn’t act like it).
The snobbery inherent in some of the Palin attacks may have its origins in people who have moved in a bubble of well-educated elitism all their lives, and don’t really know how much common sense "common people" actually possess.
Of course, it's not only Palin they despise. They hate those who live in fly-over country, southerners, evangelicals, non-lapsed Catholics, and anyone lacking "the old school tie." They're arugula-eating snobs.

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OBloodyHell said...

> ...and don’t really know how much common sense "common people" actually possess.


...and don’t really know how much more common sense "common people" actually possess.