Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lefty Follies

UPDATE: below

How did a seven year-old girl from Connecticut get registered to vote? How did "Mickey Mouse" seek registration in Florida? How did Indianapolis, Indiana, wind up with 105% of its adult population registered to vote? Ask the Barack-connected, sign-up happy, pressure-group ACORN--and Obama. Don't bother asking the Department of Justice. As Assistant Village Idiot says, "This irks us to no end."

BTW, has everyone forgotten earlier this year when lefties, three Supreme Court justices and the media insisted there was no evidence of vote fraud in Indiana?


ACORN's contaminated Ohio too--says the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.


According to Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, Ohio has 200,000 suspect registrations.

(via Instapundit, reader OBH, Assistant Village Idiot)


OBloodyHell said...

> How did Indianapolis, Indiana, wind up with 105% of its adult population registered to vote?

What I actually loved about this one was that a mildly lefty journalist I often correspond with thought it relevant to point out that the population of legitimate voters is an estimate -- thus the 105% MAY be "only" the maximum attainable 100% or thereabouts.

...Because, you know -- you *MIGHT* get 100% of the population registered.

I asked him where his professional journalistic suspicion was, that he seriously considered that response.

I also noted that I would like to see percentage figures for actual voter registration in other large areas -- Denver, Seattle, Atlanta, Orlando, Hartford.

Methinks they will not be in the 70% or better bracket...

Maybe I'm wrong.

Maybe 100% isn't positively miraculous. But I doubt it.

OBloodyHell said...


In Lebanon, a lawsuit was filed against ACORN by a conservative research group, claiming votes are being diluted by fake or duplicate registrations. The suit filed by two Warren County residents seeks to dissolve ACORN under the Corrupt Activity Act.