Monday, August 25, 2008

Who Done It?

MaxedOutMama ID's the global warming culprit: "The Sun Done Did It". Agreed. So why is the Urban Heat Island effect discounted and CO2 emissions still number one on the enviro ten most-wanted list? For the most primitive reasons, says Planet Gore's Chris Horner:
The science of AGW is settled . . . unless, that is, you suggest that the billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies for climate-related research might be used in more productive ways (say, by letting taxpayers keep it). Then the story becomes: no. . .no, we desperately need billions more to look into the grave uncertainties.
Years ago, Iowahawk identified the strongest argument for further research: more Federal grant money might appease the weather gods. If MaxedOutMama's right, we should shift funding towards appeasing the sun god. It's easier than an arrest--besides the practical problem of handcuffing him, I think the left already granted Ra absolute immunity.

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Assistant Village Idiot said...

Actually, pickings have been slim for sun-gods over the last two millennia, so we might be able to get away with a much smaller offering.