Monday, August 25, 2008

Picture of the Day

Geoffrey Britain, in comments on an earlier post, says "Obama is TOAST. The election is OVER," based on this newswire photo:

source: AP via Yahoo

I'm not sure this dooms the Dems, but it does look like the "after" pic at one of those suburban, everyone-drop-your-house keys-in-a-bowl parties.


Geoffrey Britain said...

Thanks for giving it some attention Carl, I thought it deserved it.

It's not the implicit, "our wounds are healed' message.

It's the spectacularly bad judgment that it reveals about BOTH Obama and his advisers.

Biden and Michelle aren't exchanging a quick kiss but look like they're saying goodnight after a "really good' first date.

Middle America, the people who ARE going to decide the election are NOT going to be comfortable with's Obama's Dukakis-in-a-tank moment.

Larry said...

I think your whole posting is a cheap shot and not worthy of what I thought you are about.

Carl said...


Obviously, you over-estimated me.

Carl said...


You must think Instapundit unworthy as well--he had the same reaction.

Geoffrey Britain said...

No Carl, he merely finds undeniable proof, offensive...

Larry said...

"Obviously, you over-estimated me."

Sorry to hear that. I don't like being wrong.

"undeniable proof"


I'm out.

OBloodyHell said...

> Sorry to hear that. I don't like being wrong.

Get used to it, Larry. Of continue hanging with libtards, who will never disagree with you.

I don't really care that much about the picture, but that sort of behavior seems to me to be rather unusually close for people who are supposedly at ideological odds -- "hope and change" vs. "the usual SOP".

One has to wonder just how long they've known each other and under what circumstances. And no, I ain't making sexual innuendo. I'm talking about political cronyism.

Geoffrey Britain said...

Two more opinions that it is over:

First, Dick Morris:

And then Maureen Dowd:

McCain's going to get a LOT of Hillary votes.

Carl said...


Another reader pointed me to the Dowd column.